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Critical factor in vehicle optimizatons

The single most important factors in maintain machinery, is the knowlege that after sometime on the road the water will cause the metal part to rust inside thereby cause distortion and misalignment , without regularly apply the special lubricant to neutralise these oxidations it will got into more serious problems later.

Vehicle or machinery will deteriorate and more serious misalignment, inside beause of oxidations and foreign particles, which retard the swift movement of machinery. To understand the principle is the first part.

The critical part is apply this special lubricants at regular interval, so as to neutralis the negative effect and optimize the vehicles performance.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Innovative solutions and facinating breakthrough

Working at Toyota vehicle maintenance centre

(Photo taken at Singapore Press Holdings, Nitec II, graduate class certificates receiving ceremony)


The secrets to these amazing feats is that, to overcome this problem, I had invented a method, to attached 3 specially designed elastic strings to the football and fixed it to some fixtures at the wall, when I kicked it, it always bounced back to the original positions, this invention had help me to master the difficult juggling feats using the heels and other difficult football tricks. So this invention made training with the heels much easier and faster.

It's important to start early and get the best methods and the most efficient ways to assist your learning curve.

This way you can built up endurance and skills faster as you kick the ball more times, without kept picking it up. These invention is good for building up the skill levels.

These systems invented by me enabled me to be able to juggle a standard football 3,400 times , with all parts of my body except my hands, in various patterns non- stop, without the dropping ball even once. It is especially important in juggle the football, especially so by using the heels. Which is the most difficult part to master.

I might had broken some sorts of world records in skills/amazing feats category. More verifications in


Hope I can get the answers some days. On the day of the feat in 1986, during the changing of school sessions. In front of hundreds of Woodsvilles Secondary School students.

As I had rode a bike without using my both of his hands and one legs, it means it using only one leg and it riding along with other cyclists riding up and down the track, at one go in 12 km of track, non-stop in about 45 minutes at East Coast Park.

The secret of these amazing feats was that I had developed a process of setting and lubricating the wheels accurate with a special lubricant, which allow me to use the little effort riding and navigating the bike in the track together with cyclists cycling around the track without accidents.

These process allowed me navigating and cycling long distances using only one leg and handfree with an economical bicycle.

Some of his amazing bike stunts (Click to
View Slideshow) were featured in the TV and reported in newspaper.

I hope that as more people understand, how to use the bike most efficiency , more people will use the bike as their mode of transport, because of today high oil price, it is also good for the health and less pollutions.

Since young, I had been tinkering with my bike-dismantling and putting it back, and work more than ten years in two major industrial corporations.

I had to wake up early in the morning to send his mother and the full load of food to the hawker stall, some distance from my home in a tricycle, everyday before I rode my bike which I put on the tricycle to school. So the desire to find the most efficient ways to ride the tricycle with the least effort is always there.


As the ball-bearings, the real causes were the grease which accumulated lots of foreign particles that stick to it and caused misalignment of the wheels and various moving parts, because the denseness of the grease when it dried, it will hardened together with all the foreign particles that stick to it.

A special chemical needs to apply and neutralise all the foreign particles, rust and chemicals that stick to it, which retard the smooth movement. These special lubricants had the special quality to neutralise all these negative effects.

These special lubricants, which is aerosol based can easily penetrate all the hidden areas and leave a thin film on the moving parts, which made the mechanical movement much easier. Understanding the principle and consistently do it is also important. I had pass my experiences to the mechanics of Toyota.

For my effort my senior, a old lady claim advisor, nearly every morning had cook and brought me free breakfast for a few years.

When the machine having problems most mechanics usually, thought of using grease to solve the problems, in fact more foreign substances will stick to because of the denseness of the grease when harden, when it dried.

As these special lubricants were applied, a thin film deposited on it and covered the surface of the ball-bearings, and with the accurate resetting of the wheels, with the using of special electronic devices, making the machines run like a new one , these simple but brilliant ideas, made hordes car owners to come back for more. They were surprised that their car perform much better then before.

When working in Singapore Press Holdings , I discovered a way to clear the stains (chemicals & printing ink) on the cover and inside the printing machines . As these stains were there for a lots of years, which were impossible to remove at that time using normal chemicals.

Through continue experimenting and finding the right chemicals to clear irremovable stains, I finally found a concoction of chemicals, that able to remove most of the stains.

As after I had removed the ink stained on the printing machine to the surprise of everyone as the machine looked almost as new.

These had caught the attention of a Japanese teacher and he was so impressed with this breakthrough, he brought his whole class of students to watch and compared the machines which had the stains removed and the one which the stains had not been removed. Imagine the surprise the stains that had been there for a lots of years suddenly were removed.

I had worked in a few printing companies and observed numerous people setting the printing rollers. As setting the printing rollers determine the outcome of the printing job.

Some used metal feelers(can potentially damage the rollers), some use plastics (when set very tight it won't break) etc. and most of them use two hands to set both sides ( one hand is usually less skillful).

I used only my right hand, which is more skillful, to set both sides of the printing rollers - as both sides of the rollers the pressure need to be equally distributed. If set too tight, not enough inks and water reach the printing plate. Too loose too much water and ink reach the printing plates, which cause a washout look.
If the roller settings were unbalanced, the outcome of the images were not look good either.

Advertisers usually called when they found on the day, the conditions of the printing jobs look great.

I use a special form of paper which is especially accurate in setting the pressure of the rollers. If the roller set too tight it will break, if too loose it will be easily pull out. Though a lots of practice both side will be setted consistently to the optimal level.

So after months of perfecting my skills pulling out the special form of paper with only my right hands from both sides of the printing rollers, the end product came out perfectly.

Because I had been repairing, setting the wheels and riding the bicycle, since I was a few years old and learn few tricks from the old bicycle repairman, I got a head start.


Having understand the real causes of misalignment of the ball bearings mechanism is crucial. Since young I realised that applying special lubricants can made a vast difference to the smooth running of my bike.

(Many cyclists doesn't understand these point, even the bicycle very difficult to ride they still struggling to ride it, as they didn't systematically maintain or don't know how).

And also using some special devices (small round wrench) to set the wheels(spokes),(tension of the rim) back accurately and the nuts near the ball-bearings need to be skillfully adjusted.

More extraordinary bicycle feats photos:

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After I transferredthe skills and knowledge which I took years to hone it, to the top car maker company Toyota.The company made tremendous progress.

To have an edge, a car company need the ability to have a better teams of mechanics, that able to maintain and repair the car better.

As a better maintained car run much better on the road, save cost & environment friendly, less pollutions and host of other benefits etc.

The car company bodycare centre used to not having much customers

After that transferred of my skills and knowledge, long lines of customers lines up to have their cars repaired & serviced. Because the car owners sensed there were lots of differences. It took a lots of years to understand these important process.

Once all the mechanics realised it and implement these processes consistently to all the moving parts, the differences were easily be felt by the drivers, when they came to collect their cars. These surprise breakthroughs, brought phemonenal growth of the company.

Many staff from the car company Toyota, from all over the world, come to the bodycare centre at Leng Kee Road , to study the methodologies which transformed a company, with mediocre performance, which lost to Nissan in profits, to overtook Nissan and double it's profit.

So knowing how well to maintain a vehicle can make a lot of difference to the company bottom line. These simple ideas of changing the mindsets of the mechanics of the company, made a great impact to the company bottom line.

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Interview with media

Could this be a major breakthrough in industrial production? Any comments?